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Parenting Tips: Nurturing A Service-Oriented Family

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Community, Family

The best teams are those where each member contributes to the best of their ability. In the context of community development, it highlights the importance of people’s help and support. Growth and prosperity can surely thrive in a society where citizens are always ready to share than receive or appreciate than complain. Since it takes virtues such as gratitude, empathy, and altruism to make this happen; every parent should make an effort to instill these positive traits in their kids. As a Mom or a Dad, one of your duties in society is to educate your children about the value of giving back to others. The following are suggested ways to do it:

Be a living example.

It will be a bit difficult to impart the joys of giving to your kids with nothing but just lip service. To teach good virtues, you must commit to being a role model. You can start by maintaining a home full of care and compassion toward each other. Moreover,  children who always see their parents lend a helping hand will likely adopt the same behavior. They will further be inspired to be helpful when they notice the good effect that being generous and selfless can have on  your family and others.

Make it fun and exciting.

Challenge the mindset that charity work is boring and exhausting. You can do this by making your charitable activities a fun, family affair. Choose volunteer projects that are open to people of all ages so the whole family can participate. You can make it even more exciting by joining in causes that are in tune with the interests and talents of your children. This is the perfect way to increase your bonding time, hone your kid’s abilities, and give back to society all at the same time.

Make it a part of family goals and tradition.

To be truly service-oriented, acts of kindness should not just be a one-time thing. Make giving a part of your lifestyle by incorporating it into your family goals and traditions.  You can make a family event or occasion more special by allotting some time for community service.  Likewise, it is a good idea to have a quick celebration in a charitable institution prior to a private party at home. The whole family can also set a financial goal and allot a portion of their savings to donation.

Imagine the immense growth we can see if everyone would have the initiative to dedicate some of their time to service. For a better society, we need to emphasize the importance of altruism to everyone and there is no better place to start doing it than in your own family. 

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