“Never underestimate the power of little dreams,” so says Jim Puryear when he waxes philosophical about manifesting his destiny. His mother and father started with small dreams, and it was those small dreams turning into gradually larger and larger dreams that allowed them the luxury of being able to give back to their community in meaningful ways. With that head start already firmly in place for Jim once he graduated from college, he was well on his way to being able to effect real change within his immediate family and also within his local community and eventually around the world.

Wherever he and his wife, Bobbie, travel to around the country and around the globe, they do so with a heart for service. They are huge proponents of sustainable philanthropy and impactful volunteerism, which is to say that they try their best never just to hand someone a fish, metaphorically; they always aim to teach others to fish for themselves, thus empowering them to pull themselves up and empower others in turn.

When Jim and Bobbie are not spending time together or with their children or running the family business, Jim and Bobbie like to give back in as many ways as they can. Whether it’s leading a worship service, volunteering as a coach or teaching a class, they always try to do their best to leave the community a little better off than they found it.

Those values are something he and Bobbie have aimed to instill in their seven children. Jim and Bobbie make it a point to encourage all of their kids to find at least one way to serve and give back to the community that they’re all a part of.

The Puryears’ need and want to give back to their community through service is deeply rooted in their faith in Jesus Christ as well as in their upbringing in caring and compassionate homes. They were always taught the importance of service, and those lessons have never truly left their minds or their hearts. It is their sincere hope that those same lessons stick in the same manner with their seven children.

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