Jim Puryear has an enormous family legacy he tries diligently to live up to. His father and mother, Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear respectively, are two of the most successful people Jim has ever known, and he counts himself lucky every day that he was raised by such upstanding citizens. To this day, Georgia Lee remains a source of constant inspiration for Jim, but unfortunately, his father passed away in 2016—still no less an inspiration to him in death as he was in life.

Even before his father’s passing, Jim had been handed the veritable torch in that he’d been gifted the reins to the family business. Of course, he had already made significant strides in his own right, but he was blessed to receive such a boon on behalf of his wildly successful family. He recognizes that because his parents paved the way for him, he didn’t have to struggle quite as much as others who have forged their own paths, but that certainly never meant that he didn’t work to earn his keep.

Since starting his own business, Jim has also started his own family. He married a wonderful woman named Bobbie, and he continually expresses how grateful he feels to have met such an outstanding person—and to be able to call her his wife. When they first married, he relished in showing her the ins and outs of owning their own business, and now the two partner hand-in-hand—and she sometimes schools him!

Jim’s pride and joy, though, are his seven children. He could not be more enamored of them; they light up his and Bobbie’s lives, and he feels perpetually blessed by their presence in his life. He and Bobbie both try to raise their seven children in a way that honors God and honors their tremendous family legacy. So far, they’re doing a pretty remarkable job.

One thing they’re deeply grateful for is the fact that they get to stay home with their children and raise them full-time. For the Puryears, there’s no greater joy than spending time with their family; it is a blessing not afforded by many these days.

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