For the Puryears, faith has been one of the most meaningful pillars of their lives. In everything they do, they aim to uphold the teachings of Jesus, and they are thankful every day for the blessings He has bestowed upon them and their family and friends. They recognize that without Him, they would not have the purpose or the impact that drives them to do better and to help others.

Jim Puryear grew up in a household where faith was above all else: above friends, above family, above riches. And he is eternally grateful for those teachings because they have helped shape him into the man he is today. In all considerations, he places his relationship with Jesus first, and that has led him not only to be a kind and successful person, but it’s also helped inform and bless his marriage and his family. Of his wife, Bobbie, Jim says that he is married to the “most unbelievably awesome woman.” Luckily, they share their faith, and they’re hoping to instill those same fundamental values within their children.

A large part of acting on their faith is giving back to their community. As such, the Puryears make it a point to give back as much and as often as they can. The most valuable moments in life are the ones spent lending a helping hand to a fellow traveler along the way, and Jim and Bobbie Puryear try to have as many valuable moments as they’re able to.

Faith for the Puryears is about more than just talking the talk. In every sense of the phrase, faith is about walking the walk, and each day, Jim and Bobbie Puryear work hard to stay on the right path and walk with their family, friends, and community at large in a way that honors God and brings glory to His Kingdom.

While they don’t always get it right, they have the best of intentions and continually seek guidance from those who are further along in their walks, and of course, they look to the Bible for nourishment and spiritual enlightenment. It isn’t always easy living by faith, but it is certainly always worth it.

Jim and Bobbie PuryearFaith