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Making the Most of Your Weekend

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Family

Weekends are a precious time when families don’t have to compete with work and school for each other’s time. But sometimes they can get so full of stuff that when you get to Monday you wonder how the heck you spent your time. Full weekends can be  awesome, but sometimes … they aren’t. It’s all about balance and planning ahead. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your weekend! 

Get Projects Done 

During the work week, projects seem to pop out of nowhere at home that you don’t have the time to properly address. The weekends are perfect for getting these projects done. Tackle these first thing Saturday morning so you can have the rest of the time for other things! 

If you have multiple projects, try strategizing before getting started so you don’t end up making 12 trips to Home Depot® throughout the day. Make a list of everything you need to pick up from stores around town and get them first.  

Decide which projects need daylight or are more time sensitive. Gardening and outdoor projects, or immediate needs to make your house function, are examples of things you should do first. Inevitably, something will come up later in the day, and finishing the most important things first will mean you won’t be suffering for another week. 

Family Time 

Family time is one of the sweetest parts of the weekend. Being able to be together for a whole day can be a great way to reconnect after a week of conflicting schedules. Some weekends, family time happens throughout all of your other projects. But sometimes, you might just need to have a dedicated family afternoon. 

On these days, consider some of the following activities. 

  • Play-yard games, whether at your house or a park! Croquet or bocce ball are fun outside activities that lend themselves to conversations. 
  • Have a movie marathon complete with popcorn and snacks. No phones allowed! 
  • Hike a local mountain or trail. Visit AllTrails to find one near you! 
  • Volunteer together! Whether it’s visiting the elderly, serving the homeless, or pitching in a community clean-up, serving together will strengthen your family ties. 

Prep for the Week 

The weekends might be the only time you have to do those weekly chores you need done for your week to go smoothly. Things like laundry, cleaning the house, and meal prepping are all important parts of getting ready for the week.  

Not a meal prepper? Becoming one might just change the way your week goes. It’s an awesome way to take the guesswork out of lunches and dinners. It can be totally customized for your family’s needs and will give you those few extra minutes in the morning or before dinner.

Preparing your lunches? Look for food that’s easy to reheat or just eat cold and you don’t mind eating 5 days in a row. Look for some ideas here.  

Meal prepping works for dinners, too! If you know you have a few busy evenings ahead, consider making slow cooker meals that you can toss into the CrockPot™ in the morning. It’ll be ready when you get home after work and school. Here’s a list of 15 easy freezer-friendly meals to get you started!  

Side Hustle 

The hustle waits for no one, so use your weekend to rise and grind. If you have a side gig, this is the perfect opportunity to move it forward through dedicated time and energy. Ask yourself, “what can I do today to make me closer to my goals tomorrow?”  

Commit to scheduled hours just like you would your “regular” job. They are non-negotiable once you’ve decided them. Hold yourself accountable for the time you are spending moving your opportunities forward. Dream big but hustle hard. 

The weekend may go by in a blink, but you can make them work for you! Whether you spend it with family, meal prepping, or just relaxing, make the most out of the time you have. 

Looking for ways to encourage your family to spend their weekends serving? Read our blog “Parenting Tips: Nurturing a Service-Oriented Family.”

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