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It Starts with a Seed: Lessons From Nature to Help You Grow

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Personal Development

Planting a garden is more than a way to feed yourself … it’s a perfect metaphor for growing your business. If you’re a small business owner, or even looking to become one, there are essentials that you need in order to set yourself up for success. Looking to nature as a teacher is one of the best ways to find balance and peace, so why not apply that to your business?

A Good Seed—Your Idea

The first thing you need to grow anything is a seed. No amount of good intentions and high hopes can grow something from nothing. The seed is you and your business. Whether it’s an inkling of an idea or a fully fleshed-out plan, this is where you begin. Within this seed of an idea are all of your hopes for what will become, your potential, and your willingness to work. It’s all here in a seed. To succeed in your life and in your business, you must start with something you’re passionate about.

Good Soil—Your Resources

Once you have a seed, you need to put it in some dirt … but not just any dirt. Gardening enthusiasts and botanists will tell you all about the quality of soil and what good soil needs to grow the best plants. Balanced pH, nutrients, and special fertilizer all play a huge factor in how well a seed will sprout.

In your life and your business, your soil is the resources you have available to you and seek to add to your life. Uplifting podcasts, books, people, and habits are all going to be the soil that supports your business’s incubation and growth.

Water—Your Effort

If a seed is planted in dirt and left on a windowsill, it probably won’t sprout. It needs to be watered in order to nurture the seed inside. This is the same as your efforts. No matter how good your idea is or how many resources you have, nothing will happen without effort on your part.

This effort can look different depending on your industry, but the idea is pretty universal … get to work. Do what needs to be done to make your business work. Do whatever it takes to increase your work ethic to help achieve every goal you set.

Sunshine—Your Role Models

The ever-important sun is essential to plant growth. Without sunshine, plants can’t generate the nutrients they need to power their growth. For you, the sunshine of your business is your leadership team. Many people may be able to grow their business to a certain size before they are overwhelmed and realize they don’t know what to do next. Leaders provide the wisdom that comes through experience … and there is always more to learn!  

Seek out a role model that will not only cheer for you but also push you out of your comfort zone. Only outside of the comfort zone do people grow. Find someone who has walked the path you are walking and who’s where you would like to be in 5, 10, or even 20 years.

Take Notes from Nature and Grow

Nature has long been the best teacher in all things related to growth. The principles taught in the wild can be applied to just about any aspect of our lives. We have to nurture what we have and trust it to grow. By following this lead, we can grow ourselves and our businesses stronger than ever.  

Trees aren’t the only thing in nature to offer up some lessons. Just look at the lessons learned from climbing a mountain!

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