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How to Put Faith at the Forefront During the Christmas Season

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Faith

Christmas is a wondrous holiday. Colorful lights adorn houses on neighborhood streets, thoughtful gifts sit beneath the Christmas tree, and the sound of Christmas carols fill the air. With the many festive traditions that accompany this holiday, it’s easy to forget the real reason for the season. But as people of faith, we must do our best to keep our priorities in order. Here are three ways to put faith at the forefront during the Christmas season. 

1. Dive Into The Word

Although we’ve all read Mary and Joseph’s story time and time again, Luke 2:1-20 details a timeless account of the miracle that is Jesus’ birth. Without this momentous event, not only would the New Testament cease to exist, but so would our salvation. Rereading the early chapters of Luke, along with numerous other scriptures about Jesus’ introduction, serves to recenter our focus and gratitude around what truly matters. 

2. Demonstrate a Heart of Service

We know that despite the number of gifts we’ve collected underneath the tree, God has called us to be selfless. Matthew 25:40 says, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” Just like in this scripture, God repeatedly commands us to love, care for, and lift up one another. What better time to honor his request than during the Christmas season? To put your faith in the forefront, exemplify a heart of service and let God’s light shine through your spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy. This holiday, donate to a charity, volunteer for a gift drive,  or dedicate your time to someone in need. 

3. Get Involved at Church

The final way to stay faith-minded during the Christmas season is to get involved at church. If you haven’t joined a ministry, now’s the time. Most churches stage a Christmas play, sing religious carols, or engage in community outreach programs. Find your niche and get active! By spending more time with like-minded people and turning your attention toward the Lord, you instantly decrease the possibility of getting sidetracked.  

This Christmas season, use these three tips to keep faith at the forefront and be grateful for yet another opportunity to celebrate the impact of Jesus’ birth.

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