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Is Your Faith Slipping Away? Four Tips To Hold On To It

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Faith

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.
To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” – Thomas Aquinas

Regardless of your principles or religious upbringing, faith remains a vital factor in life. Faith is what allows you to see the good even in the worst of situations. It is the force that keeps you positive even when you are surrounded with negativity. In many ways lack of faith is similar to lack of purpose. Without it, we may find ourselves wandering aimlessly and miserable in life. It can manifest into problems such as depression, self destruction or apathy. Since faith can be essential to leading a fulfilling life, tell-tale signs that faith is slipping away should be a cause of concern. The following four tips can help keep your faith strong and steadfast no matter the circumstances.

Never stop praying.
To utter a prayer is an obvious sign that faith is working in your life. This is why people with strong faith make it a point to include prayer time in their daily lives. So to prevent faith from drifting away, never forget to set a regular time for it. This simple habit will keep you strong and calm even in the worst of situations. Praying will also keep you humble as you are constantly reminded that there is a higher power that is guiding you through life.

Stop focusing on yourself.
Finding your life’s purpose may take a while if you keep your vision on yourself alone; including your own desires and troubles. On the contrary, shifting your gaze onto others will make you realize that faith exists everyday. The world is full of tales proving that miracles do happen. These stories will inspire you to keep on believing that an invisible power is real and present. Showing a genuine interest in others will also help you realize that you can be of help to others in many ways. Doing things for others will give you a sense of purpose and strengthen your faith.

Nurture your body.
Wondering why your faith is dwindling? It can be due in part to your poor health. Staying faithful is undoubtedly more difficult if your mind and body are feeling sickly and weak. In a way, you can’t really separate maintaining strong faith and keeping a strong body. If you stick to healthy habits, you are also doing things that nourish your soul. A long-term study even showed the correlation between attending church services and life longevity.

Seek help from a friend.
Feeling completely lost and out of faith? You don’t need to go through the journey of making your way back towards faith alone. To revive your zest for life, sometimes all you need is someone to remind you that you once had it. A friend who will inspire you to move toward rather than walk away from faith. This person will be ready to listen to your woes and offer any assistance he or she can give. You may also find it beneficial to hang out or join a group that will keep you glued to your faith.

You can allow yourself to be swallowed by life’s complexities and give up on faith. Or instead, you can empower yourself and others by being a living, amazing testimony of faith. To live in faith or lack of it is a choice you make everyday. Do your best to live on the side of faith and see how its positive effects can impact your life.

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