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Give Back This 4th of July

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Community

Independence day isn’t just about fireworks and picnics. It’s also a golden opportunity to take a moment and appreciate our independence and freedom. The best way to honor our freedom is to give back to those who sacrifice every day to protect us. Here are a few suggestions to help you give back this 4th of July.

Write a Thank You Letter to a Soldier

Even if you don’t personally know anyone serving in the military, you can still write a letter thanking a soldier for their service. Any Soldier is an excellent resource to find out where to send, what to send, and how to send a card or care packages our soldiers. Ask your family, kids, friends, neighbors, or coworkers to write a card as well. Troops have dedicated their lives so we can live in freedom, so don’t forget to honor them this weekend.

Help Out a Military Family

Soldiers aren’t the only ones who sacrifice for our country. The families of soldiers sacrifice as well, so let them know that you are also thinking about them. Take a moment to thank them and their loved one, and offer words of encouragement. Take it a step further by offering to babysit, mow their lawn, or make them a special Fourth of July dessert. Small actions carry big meanings.

Honor Local Veterans

Veterans have spent their lives serving our country, so it’s our duty to say thank you. Visit your local nursing home, veteran’s organization, or senior center and talk with a veteran. Remember to say thank you for their service, but also ask them about their lives. Many elderly veterans need some companionship and by making some time can mean the world to them.

You can also make a visit to a memorial. Honor their life and service by leaving flowers, notes, or a flag. If you have children, take a moment to teach them about the significance of the memorial.

What are some ways that you plan to give back this 4th of July?