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Fun Activities for Spring in Spokane

by | May 2, 2024 | Fun and Adventure

The long cold winter is over and it’s finally spring in Spokane! Birds are singing, trees are budding and blossoming, lawns already need to be mowed, and the days are getting longer and warmer. With new life being breathed back into the Spokane area, we all feel a sense of revitalization! So, what better way to spend our free spurt of youthful energy than to get outside and enjoy what this city has to offer?

Downtown Activities for Spring in Spokane

To start, downtown Spokane is full of fun places to explore!

Take a walk through Riverfront Park.

A view from underneath the pavilion in downtown Spokane at night.

Riverfront Park is home to several attractions and great views of some of Spokane’s most famous landmarks. On your stroll through the park, you may encounter any of the following: the clock tower, the pavilion, the carrousel, the big red wagon, the gondola over the river, the rotary fountain, the Hooptown USA basketball court, and last but not least, the upper and lower Spokane Falls. If you want to visit all of the landmarks, it’s not a perfect loop, so this map will come in handy. And don’t forget to say, “Hi,” to the Garbage Goat!

Fun tip: the pavilion hosts concerts, so if you’re looking to experience Riverfront Park in a livelier manner and you like live music, check out the concert schedule!

Stroll through downtown Spokane.

A man-made waterfall at night in downtown Spokane, Washington.

If you’re looking to experience more of the city-life here in Spokane, walk through downtown or take an e-scooter for a spin. There is a wide array of restaurants and shops to enjoy downtown. So, take your time, grab a bite and have a good look around!

Head Up to the South Hill

Lilac blooms.

Trade the bustling streets for buzzing bees and head up to the South Hill to explore one of Spokane’s favorite gems: Manito Park!

In Manito Park, you’ll find no shortage of flowers, plants, and peaceful places to sit back and enjoy the scenery. With so many sections, we’re sure that there’s a spot in this park just for you! You might find the lilac garden’s scents soothing (blooming in May-June), or the humidity and warmth of the Gaiser Conservatory to be particularly relaxing. If you’re looking for a place for quiet reflection, consider the Nishinomiya-Tsutakawa Japanese Garden or the Mirror Pond. And if you think you’d just like to explore the whole area, here’s a guide!

See Spokane and Coeur d’Alene

For those of you who love to get outdoors for exercise in the spring, before the heatwaves begin, the Centennial Trail is the route for you! Walk, bike, run, rollerblade, heck, crawl it if you want! And if you’re feeling really ambitious, follow it all the way through Post Falls, Idaho into Coeur d’Alene, Idaho!

Choose to travel the 40-mile Centennial Trail and you’ll encounter a number of beautiful features like waterfalls, river views, creeks, sandy and rocky beaches, and so much more.

Shop Boutiques, Markets, and Street Vendors

A stack of pancakes topped with strawberries and caramel. Next to the pancakes is a small container of fresh whipped cream.

If you’re looking to support local businesses and show some love to the Spokane community, check out the Garland district or the Kendall Yards neighborhood. Both are home to delicious restaurants and diners (some great breakfast spots), boutiques, and little shops with apparel, knick-knacks, antiques, books, and many other goods.

In the Garland district, consider visiting the Garland theater, where classic and old-time films are always screening. In the Kendall Yards neighborhood, you’ll find restaurants to fill your plate from dawn to dusk. Or if you had too much on your plate and feel like you need a workout, walk the sidewalks that connect to the Centennial Trail or visit an exercise studio in the area!

There’s Plenty to Do When It’s Spring in Spokane

Spokane, Washington is near and dear to our hearts. And when spring rolls around, we can’t help but want to get out and soak up what this town has to offer. We like to think that you would too, whether you live here or are just passing through. As you can tell, there’s no shortage of activities or views in Spokane. So, if you’re in the area, get out there and find your favorite part of the place we call home!

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