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New Traditions to Start This Holiday Season

by | Family

Most families have a few long standing holiday traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. We look forward to reliving those time-tested rituals in honor of our loved ones who’ve passed on. But we also hope to mix in some new traditions of our own one day. Why not start this year? Here are three new traditions to start this holiday season.

  1. Put an Extra Gift Under the Tree

This year, encourage each family member to purchase (or make) an extra gift to wrap and place under the tree. Make sure the bonus gifts are easily identifiable and don’t get mistakenly opened by the family. After all other gifts have been opened and only the bonus gifts are left, pack up the car, and hand deliver them to a shelter, the homeless, or a family in need. Taking time to bless people with beautifully wrapped, handpicked gifts will not only brighten their day, but yours as well.   

  1. Go see a live holiday performance

Cuddling up on the couch to enjoy your favorite holiday movies has become a family staple in many households. Why not enjoy some of those same classics live? There’s a unique magic about seeing film come to life on stage. Fortunately, the holidays inspire the production of many dance performances, musicals, and plays. Check your local theaters for holiday event schedules and make sure to get your tickets well in advance (they tend to sell out quickly)!

  1. Open Your Doors

The last tradition is for friends who may be missing their families. We all know someone who lives across the country from their family or recently lost a loved one. Instead of letting them spend the holidays alone, start a tradition of a day of celebration of friends. Pick a day where every family member can invite a friend over. The goal of the day is to make your invited guest feel at home. You can cook dinner, play games, watch movies, or just hang out, as long as everyone is having fun. Hopefully everyone’s friends leave with new friends in tow, feeling more connected and uplifted instead of homesick and isolated.    

Special traditions can make the season that much brighter. Whether they’re ages old or newly adopted, they’re all worthy of being embraced. This year, give these three a try and see if they make the cut!


  1. John & Kenda Pipkin

    This is a wonderful thing to do as we’ve practiced this at Thanksgiving for over 20 years with College students who live to far away to go home for the short Thanksgiving break. It’s a wonderful way to bless others as well as be blessed yourself. We have them over for a traditional Thanksgiving meal and have them hang out watch football, play games or just chill. We’ve had as many as 40 and as few as 12 but the number is insignificant as a good time is always had by all.

  2. Brian owen

    Such great reminders!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    It’s the little things in life that Jesus demonstrated while here on Earth. It’s time we pick up the torch and be the light.