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Creating a Legacy—What Will Yours Look Like?

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Family, Personal Development

Have you ever thought about what your legacy will be? What will you leave behind when you’re gone? Whose lives have you touched while here on earth? These are deep questions that can get your head spinning if you think about them for too long, and that’s okay! None of us have a perfect answer.

You have control over your legacy. What you build in this life and who you become are what will define it, and the power is in your hands. It can be anything from a booming business to a charity, or the way you treated others and made them feel around you. There’s no need to wait to plan your legacy until you’re older and wiser … you can (and should) start today!

Be Present

How you choose to live today is how people will remember you tomorrow. Your legacy is built upon daily interactions with others, especially within your family. Who do you think will remember you best? For most people, it will be your family. To build your legacy, start by building your family.

Building a legacy within your family can look like many different things. Start with some of the traits you value most and want to instill into your children’s lives. Do you believe in the power of hard work? Teach that to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and anyone else you connect with.

Creating positive interactions and memories is another great way to build a legacy in your family. Have fun while you are working hard and instilling values into those around you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Choose Your Focus and Follow It

In order to have a legacy that outlives you, pick a focus and go after it. Pouring all of your efforts into one venture will create a solid edifice for the future.

What will your focus be? Do you own a small business that you hope to pass down to your children? Or maybe you have a dream of starting a charity? Whatever your dream is, pursue it with your full effort.

Here are a few ideas to keep you going.

  • Stay motivated through uplifting podcasts and books. Make sure the media you are consuming will push you toward your dreams, and not distract you or hold you back.
  • Find a mentor who has done what you’re attempting now. Who better to help you than someone who is where you want to be in 5 years?
  • Set goals and make plans for what you want to achieve.

Serve Others Along the Way

How you treat others is a direct reflection on you. For many, it is enough to treat others with respect and kindness, but if you are building a legacy, try taking it a step further and serve those you meet. Try to discern needs and meet them whenever you can. Being a servant leader is a powerful tool to influence others. Read more about what it means to be a servant leader here.

Building a legacy isn’t a single event … it’s a cumulation of a lifetime of effort. Think of your legacy as a bucket full of water that you add to one drop at a time. There will be times when you are adding lots of drops, and there will be days when you only add a few. The important thing is to be consistent and focused, and you will surely leave behind a beautiful testament for others.

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