Easy Ways to Get Everyone More Involved in Your Community

When people know and interact with each other, things get done, people have fun, and communities thrive. But, most times, it’s hard to get people involved in the community because no one likes stepping up to the plate to raise money, organize events, or just simply get people together to have some fun. Believe it or not, getting people involved doesn’t have to be the most daunting thing you’ll do today.

Here are some of the easiest and fool-proof ways to get people more involved in your community.

Start social media groups

Getting people involved is all about convenience. Everyone has packed schedules and busy lives; it can be hard to work around these schedules to make time for meeting other people and becoming more involved. But in the world we live in, social media is arguably the most convenient way to contact people and get them together. It’s also the easiest, fastest, and most effective way too. Consider making a social media group for your community where people can post questions, news updates, alerts, or even make plans, so people can be in contact at any time and in any place.

Organize social events

Plan a potluck dinner or invite people to a summer afternoon cookout. Maybe set up a horseshoe tournament. Whatever it is, make sure it doesn’t just sound fun – make sure it actually is. So, plan engaging activities that are appropriate for every age group that will be in attendance. When preparing for your event, designate people to certain tasks, so that people feel included and everyone works together to make it a success.

Organize fundraising events

Get people excited to raise money for a certain cause. The money can go towards a specific philanthropy, directly to the needs of your community, or maybe to fund the yearly party for everyone to attend at the neighborhood clubhouse. Whatever it is, make sure people are passionate and excited about the cause. Organizing and participating in fundraising events gets people together and establishes a shared purpose for those in your community.

Set up volunteer opportunities

Whether it’s helping to plant a new garden, working at a soup kitchen, or volunteering a few hours at the animal shelter, send out announcements promoting these opportunities. Encourage people to commit an hour or two out of their weekend to working together to improve the neighborhood you live in. In doing so, everyone will get to know each other better, and it will promote a shared sense of community as well.

Being a part of a community is something to take pride in. Your community encompasses all the people, places, and surroundings that make up every single day of your life. Give back to the community as much as it gives you every day, and you will live in a much happier place!

Jim and Bobbie PuryearEasy Ways to Get Everyone More Involved in Your Community
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3 Ways to Live Your Faith Every Day

First things first, let’s define the difference between practicing your faith and living it every single day. Practicing your faith is what makes it possible for you to live it by establishing faithful habits and routines. It helps you recognize the parts and moments in your life where you are already strong in your faith and, upon reflection, it helps you notice the moments that may need more work. Practicing your faith is saying prayers, attending services, and making intentional choices each day that reflect your faith and love for God.

But, living your faith is taking these practices to the next level. Living your faith involves actively choosing to build a relationship with and deepen your faith in God every moment of every day. It’s waking up in the morning ready to live boldly as a beacon of hope for others and to walk through each day in humble steps of dependence on God. Put simply, living your faith is transforming it from a personal belief into a lifestyle.

Follow these tips to make sure you live your faith with audacity every single day.

Wake up expecting God to show up

Before you even get out from under your covers each morning, tap into your spiritual cognizance and recognize this new day is a gift from God. Before you begin the hustle and bustle of the day ahead, make an effort every morning to communicate with God because the next 24 hours are not only another chance to get it right, but a chance to chase your dreams, or even change the world. Every 24 hours is another chance for you to build your relationships and live your actions through faith.

Expressing Gratitude

Living your faith every day requires you to not only thank God for your fortunate circumstances or when things go right, but also when life doesn’t go the way you planned. True faith is expressed in both the good and bad moments in life. So, form a habit of expressing gratitude for the hardships and struggles each day brings because these instances serve as moments to strengthen your faith and lean more on God.

Love others with God’s love rather than your own

We all know that it’s not always easy to love everyone – especially those who have hurt us or treated us in a way that is less than Christian. This is why it’s important to remember to love everyone through God’s love and not your own. This way, people will recognize the faith we practice each day by the way we live and love with it.

Like all relationships in life, your faith and spirit need continual care and attention. So, use each day to renew your spirit in God. Make intentional choices each day that reflect a purer heart than the day before. In doing so, your spirit will be renewed through the actions of each day.

Jim and Bobbie Puryear3 Ways to Live Your Faith Every Day
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