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Notes From The Puryears

How Music Lessons Make You Smarter

Have you ever taken music lessons? For lots of people, a big part of their formative years was spent practicing scales or repeating the same measure repeatedly. Music is an amazing combination of analytical skills and breathtaking...

A woman sits with a child in her lap as they play the piano together.

Making the Most of Your Weekend

Weekends are a precious time when families don’t have to compete with work and school for each other’s time. But sometimes they can get so full of stuff that when you get to Monday you wonder how the heck you...

Jim & Bobbie Puryear love the weekend!

Community Service All Year Long

Volunteering and serving your community are perfect ways to make your soul happy and improve the lives of others around you. But sometimes we are slaves to the weather and let it dictate how we serve. The good news is there are service...

Leaves lay in a circle and change colors from green to yellow to red.

Aging Prevention: More Than Just Botox 

Everyone around you is aging. Time marches on, and with it brings exciting changes, new birthdays, and great experiences. All of these things can wear down your skin and body, and it needs more help to perform well. By understanding the unique needs of your body,...

Three skincare tools lay out on a white service, including a wooden-handled scrubber and white marble face roller.

Keeping the Past Where It Belongs

Three Ways to Move Forward  Do you have that one memory from your past that makes you cringe? Part of growing up is looking back at our old selves and seeing how much we’ve grown, which is awesome to see. Personal growth is a vital part of life, and if your...

Image of a car rearview mirror with the reflection of a snow-covered mountain and a tree-lined road.

Being a Gracious Guest 

Being a guest in someone’s home is a huge honor … they’ve invited you into their personal space and asked you to be a part of it. What an amazing opportunity to get to know this person on a deeper level!   We understand that it can be daunting to be invited...

An image of a pair of feet standing on a brick entryway next to a welcome mat which says “Welcome.” on it.

Information vs. Wisdom

What's the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Aren’t they the same thing? While some might think so, this is far from the truth. Both knowledge and wisdom are an integral part of life and business but are not interchangeable in every situation. Recognizing...

An image of two wooden blocks being turned over by someone’s hand. One block has an outline of a head with a question mark inside it, one has an image of a yellow lightbulb.

Four Must-See Places in Spokane, WA 

Spokane, Washington, is the heart of Eastern Washington and is steeped in a rich history dating back hundreds of years. The city is named after the local Native American tribe and pulls much of its heritage from its first people and the traders who followed as...

A widespan view of downtown Spokane, Washington, including a river, bridge, and several buildings.