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Notes From The Puryears

Daily Habits That Lead to Success 

Everyone is looking for a magic bullet that will shoot them straight to success—without the hassle or hard work. The unfortunate truth is that this quick fix solution doesn’t exist. Success is founded in daily habits that put you in the right place at the right...

Jim and Bobbie Puryear have great daily habits that support their success.

Be a Better Morning Person

You know the feeling … the alarm goes off, and you just want to hit snooze, so you can get five more minutes of sleep. Your eyes are heavy and your body is stiff as you roll out of bed for another day.  Is this you? Are you not a morning person? Very few...

An image of a coffee mug with word “Begin.” on it, sitting on a wooden table

Locating the Source of Your Value 

Once there was a father who, upon his daughter’s graduation, gifted her an old car. He said, “I know it is old and not much to look at. Take it to a used car lot and see how much they will pay you to buy it.” She did as he said and...

An old rusty car sits in the dirt while the sun is going down.

The Importance of Establishing Family Traditions

Think of your favorite childhood memories. How many of them were centered around traditions? Chances are, many of them were. Things like decorating gingerbread houses at Christmas, staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, or going on vacations during the school...

A family sits in a brightly lit kitchen eating a breakfast of waffles, fruit, sausage, and eggs. The mother is pouring juice into her child’s outstretched cup.

Qualities of a Servant Leader

“Servant leader”: The phrase might seem like an oxymoron at first glance, but it is an extraordinary style of leadership that defies many of the traditional leadership styles of decades past. In many old corporations, the leader was the boss and was not to...

Someone in a black sleeve reaches out to grasp the hand of someone in a red sweatshirt.