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Notes From The Puryears

Information vs. Wisdom

What's the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Aren’t they the same thing? While some might think so, this is far from the truth. Both knowledge and wisdom are an integral part of life and business but are not interchangeable in every situation. Recognizing...

An image of two wooden blocks being turned over by someone’s hand. One block has an outline of a head with a question mark inside it, one has an image of a yellow lightbulb.

Four Must-See Places in Spokane, WA 

Spokane, Washington, is the heart of Eastern Washington and is steeped in a rich history dating back hundreds of years. The city is named after the local Native American tribe and pulls much of its heritage from its first people and the traders who followed as...

A widespan view of downtown Spokane, Washington, including a river, bridge, and several buildings.

Using Love Languages to Spoil Your Spouse 

How’s your relationship with your significant other? Do you feel like you’ve fallen into a dating rut? Don’t worry. It’s normal for relationships to need a jumpstart from time to time, and we have some ideas to reignite your relationships. Meet the 5 Love...

An image of a couple holding hands across a table that has a candle and a plant on it. They are holding mugs of coffee in their other hand.

The Process of Climbing a Mountain

Steps to Make Big Changes “Every time you get to the base of a mountain … you're presented with a new opportunity to challenge yourself,” said Alison Levine, a world-famous mountaineer. Jim Puryear taught this principle in 2016 when he compared...

Jim and Bobbie Puryear believe that training to climb a mountain isn’t much different than training to achieve your goals—the principles are the same.

Daily Habits That Lead to Success 

Everyone is looking for a magic bullet that will shoot them straight to success—without the hassle or hard work. The unfortunate truth is that this quick fix solution doesn’t exist. Success is founded in daily habits that put you in the right place at the right...

Jim and Bobbie Puryear have great daily habits that support their success.

Be a Better Morning Person

You know the feeling … the alarm goes off, and you just want to hit snooze, so you can get five more minutes of sleep. Your eyes are heavy and your body is stiff as you roll out of bed for another day.  Is this you? Are you not a morning person? Very few...

An image of a coffee mug with word “Begin.” on it, sitting on a wooden table

Locating the Source of Your Value 

Once there was a father who, upon his daughter’s graduation, gifted her an old car. He said, “I know it is old and not much to look at. Take it to a used car lot and see how much they will pay you to buy it.” She did as he said and...

An old rusty car sits in the dirt while the sun is going down.