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Be a Better Morning Person

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Personal Development

You know the feeling … the alarm goes off, and you just want to hit snooze, so you can get five more minutes of sleep. Your eyes are heavy and your body is stiff as you roll out of bed for another day. 

Is this you? Are you not a morning person? Very few people spring right out of bed to greet the day. Being a morning person (or at the very least, not grumpy when you wake up) is a valuable skill in life! Here are a few ways to make the switch. 

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Get More Sleep 

If you’re waking up tired, the most obvious solution is to get more sleep. Even 20–30 more minutes can make a big difference in how you wake up. Start tonight and commit to giving yourself a bedtime. Take the initiative to get to bed earlier and start the day in a quiet, reflective space devoted to you

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? You aren’t alone. Many people say that even if they get into bed earlier, they fall asleep at the same time. Try implementing a relaxing nighttime routine and incorporating a melatonin supplement to help you to unwind before bed. 

Look Forward to the Day 

Having something to look forward to when waking up is a great motivator to get out of bed. While we would love to look forward to Disneyland™ every morning, making the voyage every day is probably going to interfere with your schedule (and cost you an arm and a leg in Dole™ Whip). But there are other ways to find magic in your morning. 

Try to plan smaller, exciting events every day to help you be more prepared to get out of bed. Maybe it’s a fun new hobby, a checklist you’ve already prepped for your day, or it could be a lunch date with a friend. Having exciting things happening in your life is sure to get your blood moving. 

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Schedule Your “Me” Time 

If you need a minute to get going in the morning, it’s completely okay to work some alone time into your routine. How you spend your “me time” is totally up to you with just one rule … you can’t spend it sleeping (then it’s just putting off the inevitable). Here are some ideas: 

Any form of morning self-care will be a benefit to your day, so pick something that works for you. Be consistent, hold yourself accountable, and give it a few weeks to see the difference.  

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Put a Smile on Your Face 

It might feel weird, but forcing yourself to smile can drastically shift your mood. In a 2020 study, researchers found that by faking a smile, your body will actually release endorphins and dopamine to improve your mood. It doesn’t even have to be a real smile … mimicking the muscle movements of smiling by holding a pencil in your mouth has the same effect. 

Even if you aren’t naturally a morning person, faking it until you feel better is worth the effort. Your day will start smoother, you’ll be more upbeat with your family and coworkers, and you’ll be an overall happier person. We aren’t saying you need to be perfect, but changing your mindset on mornings can change your day. 

Need help avoiding difficulties that arise in the middle of the day, too? Read our blog on avoiding conflict, here.  

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