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Aging Prevention: More Than Just Botox 

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Self Development

Everyone around you is aging. Time marches on, and with it brings exciting changes, new birthdays, and great experiences. All of these things can wear down your skin and body, and it needs more help to perform well. By understanding the unique needs of your body, you understand how some people look much older (and younger) than their years might show.  

We know that smoking and sun exposure will make you age much faster, but what else affects aging and what can you do? Here are three ways to prevent premature aging and support your skin and body as you get older! (Great news, no matter your age … you can start today!) 

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Focus on Hydration 

Your skin is your largest organ, and like all the rest, it needs water to function well. Our bodies are 70% water, so when we start drying out, the effects aren’t ideal. Your skin is the first barrier between your body and the outside world, and when it’s dry, your cells are more likely to let toxins in, which causes irritation and long-term skin conditions. If your skin feels tight, flaky, or irritated, you’re lacking moisture. By practicing good skin habits, you’re helping your skin be its best self, which in turn looks gorgeous. 

Finding the products that work with your skin can seem like a full-time job. Although two products may have the same name, they could react to your skin in two totally different ways. There’s a reason why the skincare industry makes 17 billion dollars in the United States alone … there is no “one size fits all” beauty routine! 

Play with Products

There are some general types of products to play with. You’ll have to try a few products to find what’s right for you, but the principles are the same. Here are some general product types that will support your skin! 

  • Oil-based cleanser: This is great for removing your makeup, which is usually also oil based. Since oil and water don’t mix, using oil to remove oil is much more effective (and hydrating, too!).  
  • Toner: This is applied after you cleanse, to add quick hydration and prepare skin for more products. Witch Hazel is a popular natural toner! 
  • Serums: There are thousands of serums that target different problems, so this is where you can really customize according to your skin’s needs. We love vitamin E serum to boost your skin’s glow! 
  • Creams and moisturizers: Even though you just put oil on your face, add more moisture with creams and moisturizers to lock in everything you’ve just added to your face.  
  • Sunscreen: If you don’t add anything to your face, please use sunscreen. 

Use as many or as few products as you like, but adding moisture to your skin (even if it’s naturally oily!) will help it to be healthier (and younger looking!) for many years to come. 

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Practice Relaxation 

Stress is the silent killer for many of us. When we’re stressed (physically or emotionally), our body produces the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Both serve important purposes in small doses, but when production goes into overdrive because of chronic stress, it shows up in the form of gray hairs, weight gain, and wrinkles. On a molecular level, stress ages our cells, which slows their division and reproduction, which then makes us look and feel older than we are.  

Try some relaxation tips found here

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Watch Your Nutrition 

Your nutrition plays a huge role in the health of your body, and thus your aging process. In a perfect world, everyone would get all the nutrients they need through their food. We live in a realistic world and know that we need help to meet those nutritional goals, and that is very normal. 

*Collagen has been branded as a beauty product for the last several decades, but the truth is that it’s an overall health wizard! Collagen is the main protein found in our bodies, and production of it naturally slows down around age 30. With this decrease in production, we see changes in skin elasticity, muscle mass, cartilage quality (hello achy joints!), and so much more. By taking a supplement, you can help combat this. Read more about collagen here! 

CoQ10 is an enzyme that makes energy in our cells. It’s found in greatest concentrations in our most vital organs, since they require the most energy. Heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs all need the most CoQ10. As with collagen, production slows as we age, so taking a supplement for it is a great idea. 

If you want young-looking skin, start with the practices and products that will support your body’s health. Beautiful skin is healthy skin. It takes some time, and it certainly isn’t free, but by investing in yourself, you will look younger than you are for many years to come! 

Are you stressing out over politics and aging yourself in the process? Read our blog on how to keep cool in these tough conversations, here.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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