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Jim and Bobbie Puryear
Jim and Bobbie Puryear



“Never underestimate the power of little dreams.” This simple statement is the greatest lesson that Jim Puryear has learned from his father and number-one role model, Ron Puryear.

When asked about his father, Jim has choked up, saying, “I respect my dad more than I respect anyone I’ve ever even read about. And I acknowledge that he’s my dad, so you can take that statement with a grain of salt. He’s the most humble, hard-working, compassionate man I’ve ever known. In my top three, there’s Jesus, Ron Puryear, and then there’s Ronald Reagan.”

He laughs at himself for picking such obvious role models given his background, but he sticks to it nonetheless, insisting, “Those are my guys.”

It was thanks to his incredible father—and thanks to Jesus—that Jim Puryear grew up so blessed. He never wanted for anything because his courageous parents set out on their own and built a sustainable business for themselves. They created it because his father started out with the little dream of being able to afford for Georgia Lee, Jim’s mother, to be able to stay home with the kids and not work.

But, it wasn’t a cinematic trick. It was real life, and they were really living it.

It’s hard to imagine, then, why Jim wouldn’t just rest on his parents’ laurels and coast through the rest of his life as the spoiled son of wealthy parents. The truth is, he wanted to build his own business. He wasn’t quite sure what that would look like, so he went to school.

After seven years, Jim graduated from Whitworth University, a small, private Christian liberal arts university in Spokane, Washington, with a degree in Accounting and a separate degree in Business Management.

Despite having gone to school to figure out how to strike out on his own, Jim decided to follow proudly in his father’s footsteps. He saw how Ron had been able to use his success as a platform for helping others and serving the community, and he wanted that same sort of life for himself and his future family.

His strong faith and network of remarkable people have allowed Jim to be able to do just that. He’s never let his ambitions override his desire to serve others. Though he admits that he could have made more money pursuing other avenues, he has never regretted the choices and circumstances that led him to this point. He never has to compromise his values to kowtow to a greedy boss; he’s always been his own boss, and he treats everyone in his business with the same sort of patience, kindness, and respect he would hope to earn.

In the end, Jim Puryear is eternally grateful for the opportunities he’s had and for his ability to spend as much time with his wife and kids as he wants. He and his wife, Bobbie, love to get outside and play with their kids. Together, they all get to travel the world and help others—it’s the dream of a lifetime, and his father would be so proud to see all that he’s done. He started with a little dream, and he’s made sure to spread the joy.